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Meteor guns D-A016Micro EW135 G2

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The main features of the Yamaha MG32/14 FX- 24/ 14FX include:
- Super value sound reinforcement mixer with twenty four low-noise, high-precision mic preamps and internal digital effects
- 32 input channels include 24 mono microphone (XLR) / line (TRS) inputs, 4 stereo line inputs (TS/RCA)
- 24input channels include16 mono microphone (XLR) / line (TRS) inputs, 4 stereo line inputs (TS/RCA)
- Switchable phantom power, in 8-channel groups, on all 24 mic inputs
- Mono input channels feature insert points
- 14 buses for flexible signal routing
- 3-band channel EQ with a sweepable mid-band provided on all input channels
- Switchable high-pass filters on all mono microphone input channels
- 6 aux sends on each channel (four configurable for pre- or post-fader operation and two set up as effect sends), 1/4 ich jack (TRS) connectors
- 2 additional sends per channel routed to the internal SPX digital effects processor
- Built in dual stage quality SPX digital effects processor, including reverb, delay, pitch change, chorus, phasing, vocal doubling, distortion, and more
- Built-in sweepable low-pass filter on the mono outputs can be used to drive a subwoofer system
- Illuminated switches