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Crossover DBX 223Equalizer FBQ - 1502 BEHRINGER

Equalizer DBX 1231
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Equalizer DBX 1231

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Thông tin sản phẩm:

- Revolutionary patent-pending instant encode/decode Type III Noise Reduction increases S/N ratio by up to 20dB.
- PeakPlus Limiter (also patent pending) threshold range from 0dBu to +20dBu
- Four segment LED bar graph for BOTH Gain Reduction AND Output Level.
- Status LEDs offer visual feed-back for all settings on the front panel.
- Dual-channel
- 31-bands
- 1/3-octave per band
- PeakPlus limiter
- LED bar graph for gain reduction and output level
- Status LEDs for all settings on the front panel
- XLR, barrier strip, and 1/4" connectors
- 45mm nylon sliders
- 12dB input gain stage